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Sprit Save Liquid

Giving Rising Petrol Prices the Cold Shoulder

Driving a car is getting more and more expensive due to continuously increasing fuel prices. However, the consumption can be reduced.

Saving the Environment with a Few Drops

Climate protection by saving energy has been on the agenda of the industrial nations for years. The European Union aims at a 40% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. How can each individual make his or her own contribution by saving fossil raw material and thereby reducing CO2?

The Solution is SSL SpritSaveLiquid

SSL SpritSaveLiquid, due to its saving effect and its high efficacy is equally good for petrol and diesel engines, good for your fuel consumption, good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Fuel Economies of between 4 and 9% – We Can Prove this where others are Just Talking about it

In the last few years, different elaborate tests have been run to prove a reduction of the fuel consumption by adding SSL SpritSaveLiquid. Reductions of between 4 and 9 % were measured (see “Product“ button  under “Field evidence/Tests“ and “References“). In the meantime, an individual test procedure, applying most recent telematics technology was developed for our customers by the company tradetec GmbH in cooperation with Modern Drive Technology and ZAMG (see „Field evidence/Tests“).