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SSL SpritSaveLiquid – Small Drops, Big Effect

SSL SpritSaveLiquid is a unique type of liquid which is added to the fuel when filling up. By means of SSL SpritSaveLiquid, fuel is energetically enriched and the efficiency of petrol and diesel is increased.

The unproblematic and simple use of the practical dispenser makes fuel saving and environmental protection very easy. As SSL SpritSaveLiquid is highly efficient, only very little liquid is required to achieve optimal savings results. Only 3 ml SSL SpritSaveLiquid are needed for a tank containing 70 litres to achieve considerable savings in consumption.

The reduction of fuel consumption was tested by the Steinbeis-Transferzentrum of the Advanced Technical College in Esslingen (see “Test reports”).

SSL SpritSaveLiquid has been in use for more than 8 years in Europe, South America and Africa. A distance of more than 100 million kilometres has been covered by shipping companies and companies owning large motor pools by using SSL SpritSaveLiquid without any negative effects on the engines and catalytic converters. The safe use of SSL SpritSaveLiquid has been examined by different institutes during tests related to practice on all types of petrol and diesel engines.

SSL SpritSaveLiquid complies with the requirements of the European norm EN 590.