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Fuel Additives

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What are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are substances that are added to the fuel in small quantities in order to achieve or improve certain properties.

In the case of motor fuel, the additives are put in by means of dosing pumps to strengthen or improve different properties, i.e. to increase the anti-knock resistance of Otto engines, to act as ignition accelerator, to avoid foaming or to improve low temperature characteristics in diesel.

SSL SpritSaveLiquid  is:                                                                  

  • NOT an additive used for cleaning
  • NOT an additive to reduce friction
  • NOT an additive to increase degrees of effectiveness
  • NOT a biochemical or esoteric additive

SSL SpritSaveLiquid is an Energizer:

  • a NEW, UNIQUE technology
  • highly efficient and sustainable 
  • its use is GUARANTEED to be non-hazardous for ALL fuels and engines
  • environmentally friendly, promoting climate protection