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eco counselling

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As mentioned above, business companies – apart from having to deal with traditional economic questions – are increasingly confronted with ecological and climatic challenges. (see „CO2 emissions“). Eco counselling provides our customers with a tool for integrated solutions with the aim of reducing the consumption of combustible material, a decrease in CO2 and optimising the input of resources.

Eco counselling also provides individually adapted analyses and practical training for each customer. With the help of the most recent technologies – i.e. by applying telematics systems in the logistics area – data regarding driving and consumption are collected, scientifically analysed and a course of action for the optimisation of energy and fuel management is recommended.

A series of pilot projects were conducted in Germany, Austria, France, Benelux and Italy and have now been concluded.

(You will find further information with the button „Product“ under „Field evidence/Tests“.)