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CO2 emissions

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What are the Challenges of Climate Protection?

In addition to the traditional economic questions, business companies are increasingly confronted with ecological challenges and climate change policies. Political demands pertain to a standardisation in favour of sustainability. This is particularly true for the logistics industry as it causes a quarter (23%) of the CO2 emissions. Customers are looking for a sustainability strategy as well as for CO2 identification (carbon footprint), which constitutes an important criterion when evaluating the sustainability of a company.

What are the Possibilities Provided by SSL SpritSaveLiquid?

SSL SpritSaveLiquid causes an increase in the efficiency of fuel which results not only in higher performance but also – under equivalent conditions – significant savings in consumption.

And: Reduced fuel consumption ultimately means a reduction of  CO2 emissions.

These are the clear advantages for companies that use SSL SpritSaveLiquid :

  • cost savings
  • competitive advantages
  • marketing benefits
  • being prepared for future markets


Green Logistics World

As a member of the network  „Green Logistics World” which is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology, SSL SpritSaveLiquid officially also assumes responsibility for the environment. The goal of this network is to reduce the emission of harmful substances and the costs for transport logistics.

Green Logistics World published a press report on SSL SpritSaveLiquid (see below „green-logistics_ausgabe“ – You will find the article on pages 12 to 13).

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